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We just saw a really good video post from the US. It’s at the website http://boston.cbslocal.com in Boston .

A reporter goes off to look at RIE parenting classes and justifiably seems impressed with what they saw. RIe acknowledges that a baby can understand a lot more than perhaps conventional and traditional thinking. A a group of Mom’s in Boston agree!.

RIE stands for ‘Resources For Infant Educarers’ and essentially teaches mom’s and dad’s to do less whilst letting their baby learn on their own. We have a FREE RIE Parenting video that explains a lot available on this website – just click on the ‘Free video’ link on the right hand side of this webpage that you are reading right now.

With RIE babies have the freedom to get up or crawl away if they don’t want to eat, play with the toy that they want to and not what the parent wants them to play with. Think ‘loose freedom’ based on respect.

At a RIE class mothers sit back and watch their baby or toddler play with simple items with no intervention unless the child is in some sort of danger. RIE parenting’s foundation is an approach that has a certain basic trust between the infant and parent form day one.

Interestingl, parents who practice RIE don’t talk baby talk to their child but instead speak in full complete sentences even if a child cannot do the same. RIE starts their development young in a deliberate and freestyle which is of mutual benefit to parent and child.

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