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Co-founder of RIE -Resources For Infant Educarers- Magda Gerber had extenisve experience of child care and development in her native Hungary and developed her thinking to co-found Rie. Gerber firmly believes that over any period of time babies will spend their time learning just what they need to be learning and no more than that.

Gerber a director of Rie and a child therapist has spent vast amounts of time studying infant behaviour and their needs and quite often it is at odds with what is the ‘norm’ on current thinking for raising a baby or toddler.
Would you really feel comfortable about not rushing to your childs side if they were crying? Would you be prepared to learn a new set of ways and techniques for your child to be brought up with?.

It is nowhere near as scary as it might sound.Magda Gerber was ubder the tutelage of Emmi Pikler, a doctor -an award winning pediatrician who ran a group home in Budapest for infants whose parents could not take care of them and there almost by accident was the beginnings of what we know today as Rie.

The essence of the philosophy of Rie can be put simply in one word.RESPECT.

It is the foundation of all help and teaching in Rie classes with the baby or toddler at the centre of the respect in terms of how they act and live their life. Emmi Pikler watched children very closely for many decades and formulated her thinking based on her observation and interactions. Infants are born competent and should be respected as such.

With Rie parents should observe their offspring to understand what they like, what they know and unltimately who they are.

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